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The Essentials of Essential Oils

Eucalyptus and lavender are staples in my family, whenever the kids get sick, I add a few drops to the diffuser before bed.  In the morning their stuffy noses are clear and they are alert and ready to play.  I am forever grateful that I chose to use essential oils instead of over the counter drugs and trusted them for pure natural healing with no side effects.



I really like the site especially for easy and simple delicious vegan recipes.  I also learned a lot about essential oils and remedies.  I would recommend Fig & Pear Naturally If you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle or would like to learn about natural remedies.  I still make the cashew cream sauce I learned from the cooking class!

Tricia, M

Abigail's wellness workshop was really informative and inspired me to centre my well-being in a meaningful way.  I adopted a suggestion from her workshop and it Brought Immediate joy and peace to my day.


It was great learning about essential oils from Abigail. She's very knowledgeable; provided useful information and tips on the benefits and everyday uses of essential oils to heal, uplift and balance your energy.

Leanda, K

“Abigail has not only inspired me, but has taught me more valuable ways of living a healthier lifestyle. Each post shows intensive knowledge on healthy living, and encouragement to make it happen. Abigail makes herself available to you and truly cares for your well being. Her recipes are easy to follow and her methods of teaching is enjoyable and comfortable. She has sparked a light in me to keep living a healthier and spirit filled lifestyle.”  

K. Jackman

Abigail is an experienced educator with thorough knowledge and subject matter expert in essential oils she readily disperses information, responds quickly and efficiently to any inquiries and is a trusted advisor in her field.

T, Chisholm


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