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Your Weekly

Meal Plan

Get Fresh Nutritious Meals *delivered to you every week.

We believe that fresh food is best.  

We try our very best to source locally and if that isn't the case

we try to purchase organic vegetables, fruits, grains & nuts.


After your initial consultation have us prepare a meal plan specifically catered to your health needs.  

Prices Start at $70

*Delivery is only available in the Durham Region of Ontario.  



Sample Breakfast can include

(but not limited to)

Delicious Coconut Yogurt topped with berries & Granola paired with 2 slices of sprouted bread & Some Almond butter. 

Lunch or Dinner

Lunch may look like a delicious Quinoa Bowl with Avocado & cucumbers and perhaps a falafel wrap, Hummus & some shaved beets.

Dinner could be a hot bowl of delicious lentil soup and some seeded flat bread or a large Leafy green salad topped with crispy tofu & a delicious Honey Mustard Dressing.

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