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Virtual or in Person  Classes




Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Plant Based cooking classes $99 and up


This class is for those who are transitioning from a Meat Based to a Plant Based Diet and not sure where to begin. We will introduce a healthier version of foods & drink similar to what they are already used to eating.




This class are for those who are either vegetarian or who are having a difficult time fully switching to plant based because they have run out of food ideas.



For those who are ready to go partially raw with their meals

  • Ingredient list will be given 1 week prior to class start date

  • Certification of completion awarded 

Therapeutic Art Classes $85

Learn to de-stress using Art as a Therapy
practicing the art of de-stressing by using various art techniques has  been proven successful over many years. Learn how to put paint brush to canvas and get creative.  Remember there's no such thing as bad art. 

  • Get your art tools at a discounted rate

  • A certification of completion will be awarded 

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