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Meal Plan for:
February 2022

We want to thank you for participating in our meal planning programme

Each month we have various meal options for you to choose from.  These dishes are nutrient dense and rich in vitamins & minerals.  Made from 80-100% either organic or locally sourced ingredients.  

For ingredient detail please do not hesitate to contact me.     *We are refined sugar & Gluten free 



Beets Quinoa Salad 

Potato & Chick Peas Curry Stew & Spelt Flat Bread

Grilled Vegetable on Salad Bed

Turmeric Baked Cauliflower & Garden Salad

Lentil Stew with Seeded Spelt Flat Bread

Sweet Potato Bowl with Cabbage & Veggies

*All salad bowls come with creamy plant based dressing

*We are open to make adjustments and reasonable substitutes

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