....dedicated to wholesome plant based meals, natural remedies, clean - minimal living & taking the utmost care of our bodies"


Our core beliefs are within the 8 laws of Health

Nutrition Exercise Water Sunshine Temperance Air Rest Trust




Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Plant Based cooking classes

Beginners- This class is for those who are transitioning from a Meat Based to a Plant Based Diet and not sure where to begin. We will introduce a healthier version of foods & drink similar to what they are already used to eating.


Intermediate- This class are for those who are either vegetarian or who are having a difficult time fully switching to plant based because they have run out of food ideas.


Advanced- For those who are ready to go partially raw with their meals

Essential Oils Class

We provide Essential oil classes & presentations for those who are into making the switch from chemicals & drugs to a more environmental and physically safe products to use in their everyday lives. Only the highest grade oils will be used


Believe it or not art is a form of therapy.  From reducing pain to improving your mood and decreasing stress & anxiety.  We offer outdoor and indoor art therapy classes for all ages.



To thoughtfully and successfully:

* Develop a coach/client relationship

* Assess clients current situation

* Identifies Clients issues & Provide consultation which includes the “N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T” Principles

* Leave client with on-going plan they can carry out going forward


To thoughtfully and successfully:


• Build a long Term Coach/Client relationship

• Assess Clients Current Situation

• Identifies Clients Issues & works with client to design a plan best suited to their needs which will include the “N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T” Principles

• Sets a goal with client

• Monitors client progress and adjusts plans if necessary

• Assists client in maintaining Goal with Tools & a planned format

• Client receives achievement reward




8 Laws of Health Coverage

Nutrition Facts

Meal prep for busy lives 

Group Challenges

Smoothie & Snack Demos


Providing wholesome vegan meals for pickup, delivery or in house prep

  • Assess clients current eating habits & lifestyle

  • Provide meal options based off of assessment results

Other Offerings

  • Wellness Retreat

  • Digestive Walk Club  

  • The Wellness Reading Club

  • Kids Health Plus

  • Special Presentation Programs 

  • Gardening/Farming for Kids

  • Natural Treatments 

  • Health Webinars 

  • Wellness Podcast

  • Office Group Coaching


Vegan Cooking Class

"Lovely Afternoon, Learned a Lot will for sure try all that I had learned. 

Thanks for the knowledge of healthy eating, still full from lunch/dinner.!“

Ms. C

Essential Oils Class


“ Thanks a lot for having me, I learned a lot and excited to begin trying them”

-Mrs. S.P.

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